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FAQ: Hardware Comparison - Combos vs. Barebones vs. Systems

When upgrading an existing PC or building a new one, there are several upgrade paths to consider. In most cases, the upgrade path will depend mostly on the age of the hardware being upgraded. Computer hardware evolves very quickly and each personís situation is unique, so it can be difficult to determine the ideal upgrade. Three scenarios are detailed below that should make that decision a little easier.

Please remember that these are general guidelines, it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to verify compatibility between existing hardware and the components being upgraded.

All Motherboard Combos & Barebones Systems offer the option of purchasing a discounted OEM version of Windows Vista or Windows XP operating systems. This is possible because Microsoftís licensing agreement permits the sale of itsí OEM operating systems with ĎCore Componentsí. Complete Systems include either Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows XP Home in the product price.

Motherboard & CPU Combo - Go to Motherboard & CPU Combos
Generally speaking, if all of the existing hardware is less than a year old and all thatís needed is some additional processing power, then a Motherboard and CPU Combo is a good choice. Included items are: Motherboard, CPU & CPU Cooling Fan/Heat-sink. This path allows the upgrade of just the core components of a PC, existing hard drives, video cards and memory can often be reused. In some cases it may be desirable to upgrade other components as well. For these situations we offer a number of compatible components that can also be added to the combo.

Barebones Systems - Go to Barebones Systems
With advances in graphics and processor technology, additional cooling and power demands are being placed on a computerís chassis and power supply. Whether building a new system or upgrading an existing PC, a Barebones System can be an excellent starting point. Included Items are: Chassis (Case), Power Supply, Motherboard, CPU, CPU Cooling Fan/Heat-sink. As with the Motherboard & CPU Combo, existing components can still be reused. A number of compatible add-on components are also offered with each Barebones System.

Complete Systems - Go to Complete Systems
Ideal for customers who are replacing an old PC or adding an additional system to their home or workplace, a Complete System is a simple, cost-effective option. All systems are pre-assembled, tested and pre-loaded with the operating system of your choice so they are ready to go out of the box. Each system is highly configurable to accommodate a wide range of needs.

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